Hot Chili Challenge

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La description Do you know or are you a lover of spicy chilli sauces? Then this Hot Chili Challenge box is for you! This unique collection box contains three special chilli sauces made from South African chilli peppers. Each sauce has its own flavor, from mild to extremely spicy. Do you dare the challenge? Lemon chili sauce: chicken, fish, seafood Heat level 5/10. Habanero: Lamb, soup, sauces Heat level 10/10. Ghost: red meat, pasta/pizza, marinades, barbecue Heat level 12/10.
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SKU 66147
Ingrédients Lemon Chili Sauce: Rietsuiker, citroensap (17%), azijn, water, gerehydrateerde gedroogde knoflook, zonnebloemolie, pekel, chili (3,8%), zout, verdikkingsmiddel: xanthaangom, peterselie, tijm, oregano.<br /> Habanero Chili Sauce: habaneropepers (32,1%) (habaneropepers, azijn, zout), water, pekel (water, azijn, zout), ui, azijn, rietsuiker, zonnebloemolie, knoflook, zout, verdikkingsmiddel: xanthaangom.<br /> Ghost Chili Sauce: Bhut Jolokia peper (32%), water, pekel van de Bhut Jolokia peper (azijn, zout), uien, azijn, rietsuiker, zonnebloemolie, gerehydrateerde knoflook, zout, verdikkingsmiddel: xanthaangom.
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