BBQ / Smoker noir 37,5x25x38cm

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This handy table-BBQ always stands firmly on its feet. It’s a traditional BBQ and smoker in one. To let meat and fish cook at a low temperature and give it a delicious, smokey taste is THE trend of 2017. Which fits well into the trend that a BBQ is no longer only a summertime event, but perfect for the winter as well. Put a beautiful chunk of meat in the smoker in the morning and light the fire basket in the evening to enjoy your rib roast or pulled pork, together with a glass of glühwein.

The BBQ has three air vents that help to regulate the temperature. The bigger the vent opening, the hotter the BBQ. There is a thermometer attached to the lid. The BBQ comes with three grills.

The BBQ is easy to clean. Let the BBQ cool down and simply brush of the grills. The BBQ can be emptied out and cleaned with soap and water if needed.

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SKU 65710
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